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Vojvodina’s castles

Enjoy in ancient time of Vojvodina, explore old castles of famous families from this area. The romantic jewels of the plains of Vojvodina, the magnificent witnesses of times long gone by and the devoted guardians of tradition. Their architecture will easily fascinate you, their charm will captivate you and their legends intrigue you. They are the castles of Vojvodina and they are ready to take your breath away!

This tour starts in the morning, by visiting the castle in the vicinity of Zrenjanin Ečka. As many other castles and the raw hides numerous stories about the curse of riches, gambling, murder, tragic love. This castle was often visited by the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand and Serbian Crown Prince Aleksandar Karađordđevic. Today it is a popular place for nature lovers and peace.

Continue to Bečej to visit Fantast Castle, a farm whose landowner was Bogdan Dunađerski. Here we will hear the saga of Dunđerski or what one reporter called inspirational “Vojvodina Carrington“. We will unravel layers of myth and truth, and controversial story of the richest family of Vojvodina.

Visit the  church where Uros Predić gave murals replacing the images of saints with the characters of the local people. Those who wish, will have the opportunity for a short ride or stroll through the parks of the castle.

Moving on to Kulpin where we visit another castle Dunđerski. This place is unique where two Serbian Patriarchs were born- Stevan Stratimirovic and George Brankovic. The property is surrounded by park which represents the natural monument arboretum of rare plant species. We will also visit the Vojvodina Museum of Agriculture. 

We continue our journey towards Čenej to one of the farms, where we will enjoy the slow food is the concept of Vojvodina’s life – slowly and gingerly. We’ll enjoy the traditional dishes of the Duchy in the shade of the old mulberry trees (without which the farm and can not be farm in Vojvodina).

Price includes:

  • Licensed English speaking guide (or other language speaking on request)
  • Transfer by bus according to the program
  • Entrance fee to Ečka, Fantast and Kulpin castles, Vojvodina Museum of Agriculture
  • Lunch at traditional authenic farm


*Total price depends of the number of persons in the group (the size of the bus/van/car)