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Tito’s Blue Train Tour – 2 days/1 night tour

 Tito’s Blue Train Ride

Take a ride by famous Tito’s Blue Train and travel to Užice, a city where once the Užice Republic existed during WW2.

What is Tito’s Blue Train?

The Tito’s Blue Train is a luxury tourist train once used for the needs of the former president of the SFR Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. The interior of the train was made in the style of art deco and after more than half a century its appearance remained unchanged. This train last operated on the route between Ljubljana and Belgrade on May, the 5th when Tito’s remains were transferred to the capital.

What does the tour look like?

Day 1

For passengers from Novi Sad, bus departure is at 10 AM from the parking lot beside the fairground (near the former Golden medal restaurant).

The departure of Tito’s Blue Train from the Topcider Railway Station in Belgrade is at 12.00 (noon).

What follows is a pleasant ride, during which you’ll feel like you are the president of a country. You’ll travel in a mobile luxury suite equipped with luxurious lounges, rooms, restaurants, dining rooms, bathrooms and all other amenities that gave former President Tito complete comfort.

During the ride, you’ll be served a beverage of your choice and a hot drink, and you’ll hear a story about the history and interesting facts about the Blue Train. One of them is that the train houses the so-called “deaf room” in which Tito made state decisions and held confidential talks. In his study room, in which he signed the important state Acts, there is also a demo mode to a mobile phone, which he used as early as 1959 for contacting the senior officials in Yugoslavia.

These are the details we’ll reveal to you – everything else is a big (pleasant) surprise!

Arrival to Uzice is around 3.30 PM followed by a transfer to the Iris Hotel on Zlatibor (4 stars). Free time until dinner.

At 8 PM there is a thematic dinner with a music program with songs from the old pop-rock era of the former Yugoslavia! In addition to the specialties of the Uzice region, there will be a variety of buffet specialties served with some that were a favorite of Josip Broz Tito.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel is from 7 to 8. 30 AM.

At 9 AM departure to the two different programs.

The program included in the price:

At 9 AM transfer to Uzice and tour of the city accompanied by a licensed guide (city museum, center, city beach, and optional Old town). Visiting the museum exhibit of the Uzice Republic and underground ammunition factories, Partisan Square and the Old Town. This tour takes about two and a half hours. Travelers who also book a visit to Kadinjača will have an organized transfer to this memorial complex.

After the city tour, the time for (optional) lunch follows. For all passengers who check-in for lunch while booking the tour, it will be organized at a local restaurant serving national specialties.

After lunch, we’ll go back to the railway station. The departure to Belgrade is at 4.45 PM. The arrival of the train at the Topcider Railway Station is scheduled for 7.35 PM.

For passengers from Novi Sad, transfer to the place of departure.

Optional excursion:

Mokra Gora Tour: a tour to Kadinjača Memorial Complex and remembrance of the fallen in defense of the Uzice Republic (the first free territory in the Second World War), the Rujno Monastery, Mokra Gora, Jatarice and Drvengrad.

The summer program will operate from the beginning of April to mid-October.

In the summer program, sightseeing of Uzice and Kadinjača will be on the first day, while on the second, several excursions will be organized, including a visit to Uvac, a cruise on the Drina River to Visegrad and many others.

             Promo price: 130€ (valid till 20.11.)

Single room supplement 25€

Regular price 135€

Passenger transportation from Novi Sad – Belgrade – Novi Sad by mini-bus or similar vehicle depending on the number of passengers. From Belgrade to Uzice transportation by luxury tourist train with additional facilities.

What’s included:

  • Blue Train ticket in both directions

  • Train service (a drink and a hot drink)

  • Transfer to the hotel in Zlatibor

  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel with dinner, a special program, and breakfast

  • Transfer from hotel to Uzice and tour of the city according to the program

  • Licensed guide service

  • Local guide service

What’s excluded:

  • Lunch in Užice and one drink (12€)

  • Optional excursion Mokra Gora (19 €)

  • Lunch during the optional excursion (10 €)

  • Transfer to Kadinjača monument complex (6 €)

  • Entrance ticket for Drvengrad (2 €)

  • Food and drink not included in the program

  • Transfer from/to Novi Sad (10€)

Other important information:

The program is implemented for a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 110 people. Transportation: bus and train. The full amount must be paid before the trip begins.

The program is not recommended for children under 9 years.

The promotional price is valid for reservations and payments up to ten days before the departure. The minimum for the realization of this program is 50 paid arrangements 10 days before the trip. The maximum capacity of the train is 110 passengers. The minimum required for the optional trip is 25 passengers. In the case of a smaller number of applicants, an additional payment will be offered for the realization of the same, depending on the number of applicants.

Upon receipt of the payment instruction, payment needs to be done within 48 hours to confirm the reservation. Capacities will be allocated based on the payment of the arrangement and not the reservation. In case of the insufficient number of registered passengers for a certain departure, the organizer will fully refund in the period between 8-2 days before the realization of the booked tour.

In case of changes in the monetary market or an insufficient number of registered passengers, the tour operator reserves the right to adjust prices, program changes or cancellation of travel no later than 5 days before the start of the trip. In the event of cancellation by passengers, the cancellation fees of YUTA apply.

Dates for departure for 2020: 28.03, 25.04, 01.05, 23.05, 27.06, 25.07, 22.08, 26.09, 24.10.