The Best Tours in Serbia with Regular Departures

– for individual travelers –

If you have a client who wants to visit Serbia, but you don’t have a group, you can combine some of our regular tours with accommodation and other private services and create a unique journey for your client. We are the only incoming tour-operator in Serbia who organize one-day excursions with regular departures from Belgrade and Novi Sad. You can create your own program combining one or more our tours and excursions with the accommodation in Belgrade or Novi Sad from where are the most of departures.

We offer the best tours in Serbia – one day and multiday tours with regular departures in Serbia (and surroundings).

The best tours in Serbia are guided by English speaking licensed guides. For smaller groups, we can provide bilingual guides like Spanish/English or German/English or similar.

All of our regular tours are commisionable. Contact us for more details.

One day tours with regular departures

The Most Popular Day Excursions in Serbia

Our day excursions in Serbia you can book and pay online.

Magelan is the only incoming tour operator in Serbia who organizes regular departures for one-day excursions from Belgrade and Novi Sad!

Iron gate tour is the best selling one day tour in Serbia. We operate the tour 3-4 times per month from March till October. Pick of the season (from July till September) – every weekend.
Viminacium Tour runs 2-3 times in a month, during the pick of the season every weekend.
Vojvodina Tour runs 2-3 times in a month. When we don’t have enough people, we organize it as a private tour.
Topola – Oplenac Tour runs every Sunday. When we don’t have enough people, we organize it as a private tour.
Vojvodina’s castles Tour is organized once a month. (approx)

For all of these tours, the minimum persons in the group are 25 pax. In the case of fewer passengers, we can realize this tour as a private tour. In this case, the price can be changed.

These tours are also very popular among domestic tourists. For all of these tours, we provide bilingual Serbian/English licensed guides. Thanks to a huge number of our domestic tourists who give us their confidence, we can make such competitive prices.
During the season (from March till October), we have one-day excursions every weekend. During the peak season (from July till the end of September) every Saturday and every Sunday we have  1-2 different tours per day. All of these tours start from Belgrade. Most of them also from Novi Sad. Best tours in Serbia by Magelan travel Novi Sad.

If your client wants to spend more days in Serbia, take a look at our best tours in Serbia.


Be free to contact us for more details about our daily excursions in Serbia. E-mail:

We offer the best tours in Serbia with regular departures.

Private tours

The most popular private sightseeing and excursions in Belgrade for individual tourists

We can create everything you want, but here are some of our most popular private tours for individual tourists in Belgrade. These tours are not with regular departures.

Multi-day tours with guaranteed departures

During the season of 2017 we offer only two longer tours through Serbia for clients who want to learn more about Serbia but who don’t want to travel alone. We offer these tours also to our partners from abroad to sell like a tour with guarantee departures. Especially for travel agents who don’t want to collect the group.

During the summer we offer a few tours from 2-3 nights in Serbia. These tours you can combine for individual travelers who want to explore Serbia partly alone, partly with the groups. Especially for tourists who are coming for some of our famous big festivals like Exit, Guča, a Jazz festival in Niš or Beer festival in Belgrade, they can combine a few days visiting these festivals and after that to spend the time to discover more of Serbia.

Our best selling two day tours is Andrić grad/Višegrad. This tour actually goes to West Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina (clienst have to check do they need a visa for Bosnia).

If you are interesting to come with your group, look at some of our examples and send us request. We will make a wonderful tour for you.