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The First Allied Victories in WW1 – a day trip to Mt. Cer and the Drina River

This tour introduces us to the early battles and first victories of the Serbian Army while unveiling some lesser-known parts of Serbia. Tekeriš – Gučevo – Mali Zvornik – Krupanj – Dobri Potok – Mačkov Kamen

Dates: 28.06; 26.07; 19.08, 07.09. 

Our journey from Novi Sad begins at 08:00, while from Belgrade it begins at 09:30  from where we will go through Posavina towards a not so high mountain Cer on which Serbian army recorded their first victory in the First World War in August 1914. We will make a stop in a village Tekeriš, there we will visit the memorial complex built to the glory of the fallen warriors and their prominent commanders.

We continue our journey through Jadar towards the Drina. Above Banja Koviljaca mountain Gucevo is located, which was a witness of heavy trench fighting that lasted 55 days. Near Crni peak (779) is a mausoleum built for the killed Serbian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers which we will visit.

Then we will go back to the Drina where we will have lunch at „Suncana Reka“, a very nice complex with their beach over the shady river Drina.

Our next stop is Mali Zvornik wherein the stones next to the Drina, a complex of underground shelters dug in the 1930s as a shelter for king Aleksandar and the General Staff are located. But the shelter was
used for only one night in 1941 when the unfortunate Petar II stayed here.
After that, we are continuing to Krupanj, a nice, small mountain town, famous for battles from both World Wars. There we will visit the church mausoleum in the center of the town, which was designed by architect Korunovic. On the edge of Krupanj, we are going to visit the former hamlet Dobri Potok followed by a picturesque old church surrounded by numerous structures of folk architecture.

Our last stop will be Markov rock on the mountain Jagodnja, a place of extremely bloody fighting during the battle on the Drina in September 1914. At the place of the heaviest battles, on the 10th anniversary of the battle on the Drina, construction of a granite mausoleum began, in which they gathered the bones of the fallen soldiers at this beautiful clearing in the wider environment.



REGULAR PRICE: 24 EUR per person


Price includes:

– Transfer by bus

– Guide during the tour

– Entrance for underground complex in Mali Zvornik

– Entrance for complex Dobri Potok

– Costs of organization


Price does not include:

– Lunch (optional) 4 EUR

– Other costs not mentioned in the program