Today, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has passed a Conclusion which enabled the vaccination of foreign tourists staying in Serbia in officially registered accommodation facilities and vaccination for tourists is performed on certain days and at certain points.

Vaccines from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Sinofarm are currently available, but please note that there is a possibility of a smaller selection of vaccines at the time of application, in accordance with the available quantities of certain vaccines.

We will apply for free vaccination for our clients, respecting all the procedure defined or determined by the Serbian government. Foreign nationals cannot apply for vaccination on their own.

We offer tailor made and ready-made packages to our partners and clients for their stay in Serbia. You can come to Serbia twice, for vaccination purposes, or you can use the time while waiting for the second dose of the vaccine to get to know Serbia.

Plan your vacation in Serbia. We can make tailor made program depends of your (or your clients) needs and lifestyle or you can choose and combine some of programs in our offer.

Combine free vaccination with your stay in the capital of Serbia and other interesting regions in Serbia, discover its natural beauties, cultural monuments and archeological sites, great gastronomy and even better music and entertainment. You can also use the time in Serbia for dental repairs or esthetic interventions.

Serbia can be a great choice for your team building activities as well as big events like congresses.

We are at your disposal for all your requests.

How long you wait for the second dose of vaccine depends on the vaccine manufacturer.

If you decide to take the Pfizer vaccine, the time it takes for you to receive the second dose is 21 days.

If you do decide to take Sinopharm, it will take 2 to 4 weeks for you to receive the second dose.

Finally, if you decide to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, the time it takes to get to the second vaccine is 4 to 12 weeks.