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Welcome to Serbia!

 The Danube flows into Serbia near Bezdan. Bezdan is also called “Little Venice” because it is located on 7 Danube canals. Next town on the Danube flow is Apatin, which is the first town on Danube in Serbia that has the marine. It is also known for several interesting villages close by that are interesting because of the multicultural population. There is also the town Sombor that is famous for numerous artists, farm steeds and horse carriages. Following Danube River, we arrive at Novi Sad, capital city of the Vojvodina. The town is dominated by the mighty fortress of Petrovaradin, one of the largest fortifications in Europe. During many centuries Petrovaradin fortress was last line of defense of Christian Europe from the ambitious Ottoman Empire.  In this beautiful city you will meet variety of nationalities by which this region is well known. Twenty kilometers downstream there is a historical baroque town Sremski Karlovci that is famous by the chapel of peace that has a circular shape, and in which a peace with the Turks was agreed in 1667. Seventy kilometers downstream from Novi Sad lays Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Here an imposing Kalemegdan fortress guards the confluence of Sava and Danube Rivers. Kalemegan fortress originates from 8th century and it was built by the Celts that during that period lived in this area. Belgrade is known for its many museums, in particular Nikola Tesla Museum (he was a famous Serbian scientist who discovered electric energy), military museum at Kalemegdan fortress and others (Museum of Serbian Orthodox church, museum of history, art…). The bohemian quarter Skadarlija is also well worth a visit. In this part, famous Serbian literates and musicians… created their works.

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