1. General
Do guests need to meet additional entry requirements/ documentation (E.g. proof of health insurance, “clear of COVID-19” certificate etc.)?
Are there any additional costs which customers may now come across (e.g. Covid-19 supplement covering additional local authority costs etc.)?
Can guests move freely outside in public?
Are there any restrictions to the maximum number of guests in a group? If so, please specify
Are there restrictions in the gathering groups in public places? If so, please specify
Max 500 persons in group in public area
Are below places open in all cities? If open but with restrictions, specify restrictions/requirements
Restaurants yes / with restrictions / no

Theaters/shows yes / with restrictions / no

Bars/cafes/Pubs yes / with restrictions / no

Shops yes / with restrictions / no

Beaches yes / with restrictions / no

Indoor museums yes / with restrictions / no

Outdoor museums yes / with restrictions / no

Indoor event sites yes / with restrictions / no

Outdoor event sites yes / with restrictions / no

(National) Parcs yes / with restrictions / no

Is there a curfew in place? If so, at what times and for whom?
Is there a need to wear facemasks in public? If yes, are these provided locally by the government, the DMC or do these need to be provided by TO/customer? Please also specify in which places it is mandatory to wear.
Need to be provided by TO/Customer. Places: public transportation, in some public institutions
Is local transport (e.g. taxi, bus, rental car, domestic flights etc.) operating as normal? If no, please specify restrictions/requirements
Operating as normal, wear a facemask
Is cash accepted in shops, hotels etc.? If no, please specify locally accepted modes of payment.
You can pay in cash with Dinars or credit card
Do supermarkets have a good level of stock of supply?
Is there a good level of gasoline available?
Are any restrictions additionally to those already mentioned in place? If yes, please specify.
Are there specific medical centers being used to help with any COVID19 suspected cases? If yes, please check if these are in/near each city we have hotels.
Nearest hospital is the one providing the treatment. Yes, there are hospitals in every city where the hotels are.
Are there any increased security concerns (e.g. hostility to foreigners, increased likelihood of theft/robberies etc.)? If yes, please specify
Do pax need to stay strictly with the group?
In general, does the destination have a ‘holiday’ feel to it? If no, please specify.
Is there anything else guests should know? If yes, please specify.