In 2014 we commemorate the 100th anniversary since the onset of WW1, also known as the Great War

The media from around the world has followed the events linked with the anniversary almost daily with numerous stories and reportages. People and events that laid almost forgotten now appear from the past. The Independent came up with one hundred texts on the topic. One of them, published on May 14th, 2014, is about “Flora Sandes from Nether Poppleton, who became the first and only British woman to serve as a soldier in World War One”. Ms. Sandes was one of many women from Britain who came to Serbia during the war to take care of the wounded and ill. In the meantime, she was engaged in gathering humanitarian help, mostly the much-needed medicines. Later on, she joined the Serbian army and fought side by side with Serbian soldiers in some of the heaviest battles on the Salonica Front. “Initially a St. John’s Ambulance volunteer, she traveled to war-torn Serbia where she enlisted in the Serbian Army. Flora went on to receive Serbia’s highest military decoration, the Order of the Karadjordje’s Star and rose to the rank of sergeant major”.

A few years ago a TV drama was made in Serbia while currently one of the most popular books in the country is A Fine Brother by Louise Miller, dealing with the life of Sandes. “This story has grabbed the attention of Hollywood where serious plans are being conceived to turn Flora’s incredible life story into a movie this year”.

In Magellan Travel we pay special attention to the story of Flora Sends and other women–heroines of the Great War. We invite you to discover their stories while traveling through the Balkans.

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Magelan Travel invites you to discover how the
World War One started!

Serbian solder in ww1

We take you on a journey where you will meet the Balkans from another angle, the legacy of the First World War, the 100th centennial anniversary of the start of this historic conflict.

– Sarajevo, the place where the first shot was fired.

– Serbia, a small country that lost over a million people and every second adult male.

-Numerous French, British, German and Austro-Hungarian cemeteries and memorials commemorating the fallen soldiers in Serbia, Greece, and Macedonia (FYROM).

– Belgrade, the city that saw the unfolding of dramatic events at the eve of the War, the place that saw the first clashes and victims of WW1 it testified on Belgrade was the only capital that lived on the frontline for a year and a half.

– Visit the sites of the first Allied victories – the Cer, Drina and Kolubara battles.

– Learn about the drastic decision of Serbian king and government to retreat together with the army over the Albanian mountains towards the Adriatic sea and the Allied navies, how the army regrouped and played the key role in the breaching of the adversary’s front lines (Kaimakchalan, Macedonian front – tallest battlefield in WWI)

– Get to know about British women who came to help Serbia, one among them was Flora Sands who later joined the Serbian army and took part in fighting on the Macedonian Front.

Films about Serbia in WWI (with English subtitle)

Documentary film: Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms Documentary film: Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms (1:38:12)
Documentary film: Serbia in Great War Serbia in the Great War (55:51)
Documentary film: Serbia in World War One Serbia in World War One (4:18)