Magellan Travel invites you to discover how the First World War has started! We take you on a journey where you will meet the Balkans from another angle, the legacy of the First World War, centennial anniversary of the start of this historic conflict.

Travel company “Magellan” wishes to contribute towards marking the centenary of the First World War by offering various tours and programs on the subject. These tours are not only educational by default, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with famous landmarks as well as main battlefields and the people who live on them nowadays.

Our tours themed “First World War” are both a historical pilgrimage as well as an act of paying respect to our ancestors, but simultaneously a way of satisfying our curiosity and desire for discovering new experiences.

Sightseeing Tour – Belgrade in World War One of Belgrade reveals Serbia’s capital main landmarks of the time and well-kept secrets of circumstances in a run-up to the Great War

The First Allied Victories Tour – Day-trip of to Mt. Cer and river Drina introduces us to the early battles and first victories of Serbian Army while unveiling some lesser-known parts of Serbia

Beginning of the Great War Tour is a story about Sarajevo and the official outbreak of war and includes a visit to Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric’s Institute for a presentation about attempts at the revision of history. The tour also follows trails of epic Mt.Cer and river Drina battles, as well as a visit to a secret cave of King Alexander.

Salonika Frontline was formed in 1915 following the Allied Powers’ attempt to come to the aid of Serbia. This tour leads to Mt.Kajmakcalan in Greece and regional capital Thessaloniki, the city of Serbian “Iron Platoon” and the legendary war capital, before returning to Serbia via Macedonia.

Grand Tour of The Balkan in the Great War starts in Sarajevo and leads through mountains of Albania, Corfu island, along Salonika Frontline and right up to the very heart of Serbia where





Films about Serbia in WWI (with English subtitle)

Documentary film:  Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms 1:38:12      55:51       4:18