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Tito’s Blue Train Tour – 2 days/1 night tour

Titos blue train tours

Tito’s Blue Train Tour

Take a ride by the most famous train that President Tito and leaders of many countries once used to ride, but also learn about the beauties and history of Uzice and Western Serbia.

What does the tour look like?


First day: 

For passengers departing from Novi Sad, the bus departure is at 8 AM from the parking lot at the Fair Hotel.

The departure of the Blue Train from the Topcider Railway Station is at 10 AM.

We kindly ask all passengers to arrive at the railway station at least 30 minutes earlier.

The following is a pleasant three-and-half-hour ride during which you’ll have fun listening to the stories of this famous train and the celebrities who rode it. The  Blue Train is a luxury tourist train used for the needs of former President of the SFR Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. The interior of the train was made in the style of art deco and after more than half a century its appearance remained completely unchanged.

During the Tito’s time, more than sixty foreign statesmen and the most influential leaders of the twentieth century traveled by this train: Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, U Nu, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mahatma Gandhi, Ahmed Ben Bela, Seku Tours, Jalal Bayar, Konstantin Karamanlis, King Paul of Greece and Queen Frederica, Queen Elizabeth of Britain, Prince Philip and Princess Anna, as well as many others.

Otherwise, the train also houses the so-called “deaf room” in which Tito made state decisions and held confidential talks. In his study room, in which he signed the Acts, there is also a kind of precursor to a mobile phone, which he used as early as 1959.

You’ll see all these rooms live during the ride.

Arrival in Uzice is scheduled for the 1.30 PM, after which you’ll be accompanied by a guide on a tour of the city. The city was home to the Uzice Republic, the first and only liberated territory in enslaved Europe during WW2.  We’ll visit the famous Museum of the Uprising, St. Sava Square and the Partisan Square.

In addition, as part of the tour, we’ll also visit the old hydroelectric plant on the Djetinja River, the first in Europe built on the principles of Nikola Tesla and the second in the world after the one erected on the Niagara River five years earlier.

After the tour, which lasts about two and a half hours, you’ll be transferred to Zlatibor and accommodate in selected hotels or apartments.

Free time until 8 PM when a special themed dinner begins.

This dinner was conceived as a “return” to a time of fraternity and unity, that is, a merry get-together with music from all the former Yugoslav republics, as well as one from the time of the good old pop-rock of the former Yugoslavia.  In addition to the delicious specialties of the Uzice region, some of Tito’s favorite dishes will be served at the buffet.


Second day:

After breakfast, you’ll go on an optional trip for which you’ve decided upon when booking your tour.

Due to the planning of adequate vehicles and the complete organization, the excursion needs to be chosen when booking a tour. An on-site trip booking will not be possible.

If you do not want to go on a day trip, you’ll have free time. We suggest you take a tour of Zlatibor, take a walk around the lake, hike to Tornik or the nearby meadows.


For travelers who do not want to go on excursions, the tour operator does not provide a transfer to the train station in Uzice.



Mokra Gora Tour: Kadinjača Memorial Complex, Rujno Monastery, Lake Vrutci, Mokra Gora, Jatarice, St. John’s Church, White Waters Spring, Drvengrad, lunch in Drvengrad.

Note: The minimum number of applicants for the excursion is passengers.

The departure for the excursion is at 9 AM from Zlatibor.

The first place we’ll visit is Kadinjača, a memorial complex dedicated to the workers’ battalion fighters who were all killed in November 1941. While protecting the retreat of the population of Uzice. This place offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

This is followed by a visit to the Rujno/Rujan 16th century monastery well known for being in 1536.  first Serbian book printed.

The next stop is at Vrutci Lake where we’ll tour the 77-meter high dam, which offers fantastic views of the lake and the surrounding area.

The next destination is the village of Sargan-Vitasi on Mokra Gora from where the famous Sargan Eight train starts.

The following is a tour of Jatarica, an open museum of steam locomotives, the Church of St. John and White Waters, a mineral water spring.

The last stop of our tour is Drvengrad, a widely known unique wooden village and home of our famous director Emir Kusturica.  After the tour, lunch in Drvengrad follows.

The duration of this excursion is about 6 hours and the return to Uzice is scheduled for around 3 PM.

 Free time until the departure of the Blue Train to Belgrade.



The Uzice RepublicTour: Tour of the monument and the site of the establishment of the First Partisan Squad (Tatinac above Uzice), visit of the monument and the site of the establishment of the Second Partisan Squad (Tara Mountain) visit to the Crnjeskovo viewpoint at the Kaluđerske Vode, tour of the Kadinjača Memorial Complex.

Note: The minimum number of applicants for the excursion is passengers.

The departure for the trip is around 9 AM from Zlatibior.

All of the places on this tour are directly connected to the very beginning of the armed partisan’s struggle during WW2 and the formation of partisan troops before and during the duration of the Uzice Republic.

An exception is a visit to the beautiful viewpoint of Crnjeskovo on the Tara Mountain, which offers a magnificent view of the environment.

The duration of this excursion is about 4 hours, after which you have free time for lunch and a break until the departure of the Blue Train to Belgrade.


THIRD TRIP (available for bookings from 1st of May)

Uvac Tour: Boat ride on Uvac Lake, sightseeing meanders, visit the famous lookout Prayer and marveling griffon vultures.

The minimum number of applicants for the excursion is 2 passengers.

After an early breakfast, departure for Uvac follows. During this excursion, you’ll discover the magical beauties of this emerald green lake, admire the beauty of its unique meanders and the view from the Prayer viewpoint, enjoy the magnificent flight of the largest vultures and, if you like, you can taste some of the national specialties of the area.


The departure of the Blue Train from the train station in Uzice is at 4.45 PM

Arrival in Belgrade is around 7.30 PM.

The arrival in Novi Sad is around 9.00 PM.   

Image source: Serbia Train



             Promo price: 130€ (valid  until 28th of February, 2020)

Single room supplement 25€

Regular price 160€

Passenger transportation from Novi Sad – Belgrade – Novi Sad by mini-bus or similar vehicle depending on the number of passengers.

From Belgrade to Uzice transportation by luxury tourist train with additional facilities.



What’s included:


  • Blue Train ticket in both directions

  • Transfer to the hotel in Zlatibor

  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel with dinner, a special program, and breakfast

  • Licensed guide service

  • Local guide service

What’s excluded

  • Optional excursion Mokra Gora Tour (35 €)
  • Optional excursion Užice Republic Tour (22 €)

  • Optional excursion Uvac Lake Tour (50 €)

  • Transfer to Užice (for guests who take none excursion)

  • Entrance ticket for Drvengrad (2 €)

  • Food and drink not included in the program

  • Transfer from/to Novi Sad (10€)

Other important information:

The program is implemented for a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 110 people.

Transportation: bus and train. NOTE: The transfer from Zlatibor to Užice is NOT included for guests who do not take any of the excursions.

The full amount must be paid before the trip begins.

The program is not recommended for children under 9 years.

The promotional price is valid for reservations and payments up to 30 days before the departure. The minimum for the realization of this program is 50 paid arrangements 10 days before the trip.  The maximum capacity of the train is 110 passengers.

The minimum required for the optional trip is 9 passengers.  In the case of a smaller number of applicants, an additional payment will be offered for the realization of the same, depending on the number of applicants.

Upon receipt of the payment instruction, payment needs to be done within 48 hours to confirm the reservation. Capacities will be allocated based on the payment of the arrangement and not the reservation. In case of the insufficient number of registered passengers for a certain departure, the organizer will fully refund in the period between 8-2 days before the realization of the booked tour.

In case of changes in the monetary market or an insufficient number of registered passengers, the tour operator reserves the right to adjust prices, program changes or cancellation of travel no later than 5 days before the start of the trip. In the event of cancellation by passengers, the cancellation fees of YUTA apply.

Dates for departure for 2020:

March 28th, May 1st, May 30th, June 27th, July 25th, August 22nd, September 26th, October 24th, and November 28th