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Harmony of Vojvodina

On this tour, you’ll get to know Serbia’s northern province. You’ll visit a medieval monastery, a baroque small town, and its charming metropolis. This will be followed by a delicious dinner that reveals Vojvodina’s diverse heritage.

Activities and tour descriptions

We start with an hour-long drive through the seemingly endless plains that characterize Vojvodina. As the scenery gradually changes to mildly rolling hills, and corn and wheat fields give way to apple and pear orchards, we are arriving at our first stop – the famous Serb Orthodox monastery of Krušedol. Established in the early 16th century by the last dynasty of medieval Serbia, the Brankovićs, for centuries it served as a burial church for the most illustrious Serbs of the Habsburg Empire – patriarchs, dukes, and even an exiled king. Inside the monastery church, you will see a stunning late medieval iconostasis and several layers of frescoes but, most importantly, you’ll be able to feel the air of past times and of Orthodox Christian monasticism.

A couple of minutes later, we’ll arrive in Sremski Karlovci, a historic townlet known for its baroque churches and excellent wine. Today quiet and provincial, for over two centuries the town has been an unofficial capital of Serbs in the Habsburg Empire and as a result the town center boasts several nice palaces and churches, including the grand Orthodox Cathedral. After sightseeing, we continue to a local wine cellar where you’ll taste the most popular local wines amongst them also Bermet, the much-cherished specialty of Sremski Karlovci, which spread its fame to Vienna and beyond.

Not far away is a totally different historic monument – the Petrovaradin Fortress. The cliffs of steep hill above the Danube have been fortified by the Habsburgs for over a century in order to make it their strongest point of defense towards the Turks. The final result is the mightiest fortification on the Danube with dozens of bastions, trenches, and gates, today fully enjoyed by locals and visitors. This citadel is also known for its stunning vistas over the whole of the city of Novi Sad as well as for Exit Fest, for years one of the best music festivals in Europe.

On the other side of the river spreads Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina.  Though not that old as Vienna or Budapest, the city boasts a lovely 19th-century center teeming with stylishly dressed youth, many churches of its ethnically diverse population and museums and galleries packed with history and art, from Roman helmets to modernist paintings. After lunch in the city center you will have time to explore Novi Sad on your own.

Full of impressions, we head back to Belgrade where we’ll arrive in the late afternoon.

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