My Eight Sensational Days Around Serbia

An eight-day stay in Serbia is not enough to see all the beauties of this incredible country. However, it’s exactly the right amount of time to get acquainted with its geographical, religious and cultural diversity. On this tour we had a glance of Belgrade then turned to the lush mountains of west Serbia and concluded Read More

“Original World” tour

Crash Course in Serbian Art and History

Sure, five days is nothing when you need to learn about a whole country, and especially when you need to break a lot of stereotypes. However, the last part of the Original World tour of the Western Balkans gives our visitors an excellent overview of what is there in this Balkans country that many mixes Read More

Balkan tour

The Ten Must-See Places in the Balkans

TOUR THE BALKANS 16 days, 6 countries, monuments under the protection of UNESCO, breathtaking landscapes, open-hearted people with a wide smile, food for all senses – reveal the Balkans in all of its beauties and controversies. This journey enabled us to perceive the latest conflicts in this turbulent area from different perspectives of the people Read More