Shore excursions Danube Belgrade

Look at our offer for your shore excursions Danube Belgrade

• Belgrade sightseeing 3.5 hours
• Belgrade by night 3 hours
• Topola and Oplenac 5.5 hours

 Belgrade Sightseeing 3.5 hours

 During the three and a half hours of combined sightseeing tour you will learn about the most important sights of the city of Belgrade. Tour begins with a tourist bus where you will be accompanied with a professional guide. Departure will take place from the place agreed with the group. On foot we will visit the biggest park in Belgrade – Kalemegdan park and the Kalemegdan fortress. Gorgeous view from the lookout at the confluence of the Sava and Danube and Novi Beograd is an excellent place for photographing. Next we will visit the Cathedral, Palace of Princess Ljubica, than we continue walking to the old city of Belgrade (pedestrian zone) and Knez Mihailova Street all the way to Republic square up next to the National Museum and Theatre. After that, we will continue the sightseeing with buses. We are proceeding in the direction of Terazije, Parliament, City Hall, Pioneer Park, towards Slavija Square. Then we will walk through the park of Karađorđe until the Temple of Saint Sava. There will be a break for a visit to the Temple of Saint Sava. Bus tour continues to Knez Milos Street, which is called the “Street of the Embassies “. We will return to the place of arrival at the agreed time.
Option I: Visit  Kuca cveca (The House of Flowers)
The House of Flowers – the mausoleum and memorial of Yugoslavia’s communist ruler, marshal Tito. Frequently visited by Josip Broz Tito fans from across former Yugoslavia. A great site for getting a grasp of the personality cult that reigned Yugoslavia for so many decades. You will be following the steps of many a Yugoslav primary-school pioneer.

Duration: 1 hour

Price per person:(Price include entrance ticket to the House of Flowers)

Option II: Visit Beli dvor (White Palace)
White Palace – the royal summer palace built in the 1930s, which became the home of the communist Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito when the royal family was expelled following World War II. It has been returned to the heir of the Serbian throne, prince Alexander the 2nd Karadjordjevic only after democratic changes in 2000. The renovated Palace was recently open to the public, and visits to the entire palace complex are organized every weekend. The White Palace is both a historic site and an art gallery, with works of world-famous painters adorning its walls, and a porcelain set made for Louis the 14th on display. One hundred acres (about 200 football courts) of land surround the palace.
Duration: 2 hours
Price per person:(Price include entrance ticket to the White Palace)
Price includes:

Professional Germaine speaking tour guide during the tour
Bus transfer

Venue: St. Sava Temple

Opening hours: Every day, all day

Venue: Kalemegdan Fortress

Opening hours: from 07:00 am to 11:30 pm

Closing days: Opened daily

Venue: Hotel Majestic

Opening hours: from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm

Closing days: Opened daily

Venue: Royal Palace

Opening hours: from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm

Closing days: Saturday & Sunday

Venue: House of Flowers

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 09:00 am-16:00 pm.

Closing days: Monday

Restroom Information: Restrooms are available in hotel Majestic or Belgrade culture center, Ruski car or Theatar (ex café Kod konja)

Walking Information: moderate


Comfortable shoes are recommended.


00:00:20 Departure from port of Belgrade to Dedinje/residential area

00:20-3:50 Panoramic and walking tour of Belgrade by coach and return to the port

„Belgrade by night“ 3 hours

Option I: In the evening we will go by bus to Skadarlija Street – famous bohemian quarter, which is one of the few parts of the city which over a hundred years managed to preserve the spirit of old times, and its authenticity. Dinner will be served at one of the most famous restaurant with the music of tambourines.

Option II: We will have a “Serbian evening” in a restaurant that is not in the well-known parts of the city.  There will be a rich folklore program with the orchestra and tambourine music at the end of the program. Minimum for realization of this program is 100 people.

Price includes:

Professional Germaine speaking tour guide during the tour
Bus transfer
3 course dinner including 1 glas of 1 glas of drink in Skadarlija (or another restaurant where a “Serbian evening” will be organized)

 Remarks:  Take a good moode for this evening

Topola and Oplenac 5.5 hours

 Departure to Topola and Oplenac by bus. Sightseeing of the scenic landscape with endless meadows and valleys in the heart of Serbia, the place where the kings of the Serbian dynasty Karadjordjevic were buried. Upon arrival to Oplenac we will visit the Mausoleum of the Karadjordjevic family and Karadjordje city. The mausoleum is a unique copy of Serbian architecture in the Byzantine architectural style, and unlike the majority of Serbian monasteries that were painted with frescos the church is characterized by a rich mosaic of 25 million pebbles. After the church we will visit is a small museum where valuables of the royal family are kept, among which is also the priceless Faberže’s egg…

Visit to the royal wine cellar and tasting of the wines that are made by the old royal recipe and even the members of the royal family also drink it; or the second option is visiting the winery Alexandrovic, one of the most modern wineries in Serbia in which the wine is also prepared according to recipes of the royal family. Then we are going to the village Orasac (where the first Serbian uprising against the Turks he started  in 1804) there we will visit an authentic restaurant where you will have the chance to taste specialties from the famous “Serbian table” and where our guests will enjoy the sounds of accordion and flute – the traditional Sumadija instruments.

Price includes:

Professional guide in German or English
Bus transfer
3 course meal lunch including 1 glas of drink in Topola

Venue: Royal Complex, Oplenac

Opening hours: High season (May-October), every day from 08:00 am to 19:00 pm. Low season (November-April), every day from 08:00 am to 16:00 pm

Every Sundays and during religion holidays in Church of St. George, church service starts from 09:00 am

Restroom Information: Restrooms are available in Karadjordjev Vajat, during lunch


00:00-1:30 Departure from port of Belgrade to Topola and Oplenac

1:30-2:15 Sightseeing of Oplenac

2:45-3:45 Lunch in Karadjordjev Vajat

4:00-5:30 Departure from Topola to Belgrade port