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Tours from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Going from Bosnia & Herzegovina through Serbia on your way to some other Balkan country?  Here are some of specially designed route tours for you. Learn about the culture, hear interesting stories about history, enjoy fascinating nature and taste delicious food while in Serbia.



*Mountain experience on a way to Belgrade* (with an overnight at Mećavnik till Belgrade)

Border crossing: Bajina Bašta – Skelani
Distance to Belgrade: approx. 185 km
Tour duration: 2 days



  • Scenic Šargan the Eight ride by vintage train which passes through 22 tunnels in 15 km making a figure 8
  • Lunch and overnight in Mećavnik wooden ethno village (approx. 200 km from Belgrade)
  • Afternoon arrival in Belgrade

Tranist tours from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia BeFunky Collagea

At the very beginning of this tour, as we cross the Bosnia to Serbia border, we enter amazing area of nature park of “Šargan-Mokra Gora”. Take a scenic ride, famous “Šargan Eight”, narrow-gauge railway which once linked Belgrade and Dubrovnik. Experience breathtaking landscapes of Mokra Gora mountain from this vintage train that is quite unusual in yet another way. In order to make a rapid accent, the train passes through 22 tunnels  making a “figure-eight” – hence its name.

Visit a fantastic ethno village of Drvengrad (eng.Timber Town) also know as Küstendorf and Mećavnik. Village-town designed by the movie director Emir Kusturica for his movie “Life is Miracle”. Enjoy your overnight stay at Mećavnik on your way to Belgrade.

Capital of the Roman Emire on a way to Belgrade (overnight in Belgrade)

Border crossing: Bosanska Rača – Sremska Rača
Distance to Belgrade: approx. 150 km
Tour duration: full day

  • Visit Sirmium, the archaeological site and its part The Imperial Palace complex
  • Visit an unique and unconventional Museum of Bread
  • Afternoon/evening arrival in Belgrade

As you pass the border, after 2h arrive in Sremska Mitrovica town, known as Sirmium. It was the capital of the Roman Empire during the Tetrarchy, situated on the Sava river.  Visit the archaeological site and its part, the Imperial Palace complex. Chance to see numerous mosaic pavements in several levels where the oldest mosaic dates even from 3rd century.

Continue to the small village Pećinci, to visit the unique and unconventional Museum of Bread. It resulted from years of collection and research made by Serbian painter.  Here you will see collection of ethnographic objects, tools, machines, record customs and rituals. Afternoon/evening arrival in Belgrade.