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Tours from Romania

If you are travelling from Romania and continuing your trip to some other country near Serbia, there are several options
to make your stay in our country memorable. Choose between three different tour routes during your transit.




*”European Sahara” on the way to Belgrade* – 1 day excursion without overnight till Belgrade

Border crossing: Vatin – Moravita
Distance to Belgrade: approx. 155 km
Tour duration: full day



  • Sightseeing tour in Vršac city
  • Climb at Vršac Hill and enjoy the breathtaking view
  • Lunch and winetasting in wine cellar
  • Transit tours from Romania to Belgrade vrsac collageJust a few kilometers as you enter in Serbia from Romania, there is a must stop to Vršac, one of the most beautiful cities in Vojvodina province, situated in the southeast part of the edge of the Panonian plain, on the slopes of the mountains of Vršac. Part of its territory covers an area of Deliblato Sands Nature Reserve, known as the “European Sahara”.
  • Take a sighseeing tour of the city to see the special monuments of history and culture which represent beautiful specimens of different styles, especially baroque and art nouveau epoch: Sava Kovačević Square, the Farmacy buildingChurch of the Holy Salvation, Bishop’s Palace, the Municipality building, Cathedral etc. One of the characteristics of this city is certanly Vršac Hill, the Carpathian sleep, dominated by the Vršac Tower, erected in the early 15th century.
  • Visit this guard tower, which is only relic of the former fortress, made of stone and brick and enjoy the breathtaking view from above. Finish this amazing day at Vršac wineyards, which were among the biggest in Europe during 19th century. Wine route is a spiritual adventure that awakens all the senses and that every wine lover take. So, visit one of the private wine cellars in this area and enjoy in tasty dishes and quality wines.


*Lake break till Belgrade* (1 day excursion without overnight till Belgrade)

Border crossing (river): Kaludjerovo – Najdas
Distance to Belgrade: approx. 150 km
Tour duration: full day


  • Visit Bela Crkva, also known as The Lake City
  • Take a walk at the lakes area
  • Enjoy lunch in a traditional restaurant

As soon as you enter in Serbia, only after about half an hour driving, you come to Bela Crkva town, bordered by Banat mountains and Deliblato Sands, in the arms of the Danube, Caraš and Nera river, surrounded by Bela Crkva Lakes.

This beautiful city, located 96 km from Belgrade is the perfect stop to make a break and enjoy in it. Because of its 7 lake, it is also called the Lake City – we will take a nice walk along the two most popular lakes, enjoy fresh air, beautiful nature and nice coffee. Take a lunch in a traditional restaurant nearby and continue to Belgrade. Coming to Belgrade in the evenign.

*Roman tour on a way to Belgrade* (2 days excursion with an overnight at Silver Lake till Belgrade)

Border crossing (river): Tekija – Orsova
Distance to Belgrade: approx. 210 km
Tour duration: 2 day

  • Overnight in Silver Lake, the popular vacation destination (aprrox. 120 km from Belgrade)
  • Visit Viminacium, Roman archaeological site and enjoy in an unique “Roman lunch”
  • Visit Smederevo fortress, one of the largest fortresses in Europe

Transit tours from Romania to Belgrade

An unique chance to have an overnight at Silver Lake, also called “Serbian sea” because of its characteristics and beauty, as well as for being one of the clearest and the cleanest lakes in the country. Perfect place to relax from your trip and continue your way to Belgrade.

Start your second day by visiting Viminacuim, the former Roman town and significant archaeological complexs. Today, Viminacium archaeological site contains remains of streets, temples, squares, amphitheaters, palaces, hippodromes an Roman baths. It has also for years represented a good example of combining science and entrepreneurship, being the best-run archaeological site in Serbia – whose territory was home to 17 Roman emperors.

Take an unique “Roman lunch” at this site and continue to Smederevo Fortress, one of the largest fortresses not only in Serbia, but in Europe which was the last capital of Medieval Serbia. Discover some of the Roman paths on your way to the capital city of Belgrade.

*Explore the Iron Gate on a way to Belgrade* (2 days excurions with an overnight in Kladovo till Belgrade)

Border crossing (river): Tekija – Orsova
Distance to Belgrade: approx. 210 km
Tour duration: 2 days

  • Winetasting in the beautiful surroundings in Eastern Serbia
  • Overnight in Kladovo, the town on the Danube river (approx. 265 km from Belgrade)
  • Scenic boat ride in the biggest National Park in Serbia, the Iron Gate
  • Lunch in ethno restaurant in the Iron Gate area
  • Visit Golubac fortress, at the very entrance of the gorgeous Iron Gate gorge

Transit tours from Romania to SerbiaAt the very beginning of trip in Serbia, visit the vineyard fields in this area and enjoy in quality wines in beautiful surroundings. After an overnight in Kladovo, town on the Danube river, depart to take a scenic boat cruise in National Park Đerdap, known as The Iron Gate, the biggest one in Serbia, located on the Danube which got its name after the most beautiful and the most prominent gorge in the entire flow of the Danube. Lunch at unique ethno village with gorgeous view on the Danube.

As for its natural beauties and culture, Đerdap National Park is significant on a European level and provide visitors embrace variety of its preserved natural heritage. Continue to visit the Golubac Fortress, situated before the entrance to the gorgeous Đerdap Gorge, interesting for its nine quadrant towers that are connected with the barbed walking route. All this is waiting for you before you come to Belgrade.