Almost 4 Million Tourists Visited Serbia in 2019!

Serbian National Flag


According to TOS data on the number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays in Serbia, the country was a very popular tourist destination.

The first record refers to the number of visits. Last year, Serbia was visited by 3,689,983 tourists, which is an increase of 8 percent over the previous year. Of the number mentioned 1, 846, 551 were foreign tourists, while domestic were 1, 843, 432. That means that another record has been reached. It is the first time that the number of foreign guests has exceeded the number of domestic guests.

In addition, the figure of ten million overnights is exceeded, which is the third record of Serbian tourism compared to the 2018 data.

The fourth record for Serbian tourism is a double-digit increase in the number of foreign tourists overnight stays. In December 2019 only, 269,422 tourists visited Serbia which is a 15 percent jump over the same month in 2018. Compared to December 2018  the number of domestic guests increased by 15 percent and foreign visitors by 14.9 percent. Domestic tourists made 371. 626 overnights, that is, 20.2 percent more than in the same month of the previous year, while the number of foreign guests nights was 314, 185, a nice increase of 20.6 percent.

Foreigners spent the most nights in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zlatibor, Vrnjacka Banja and Kopaonik, while domestic guests mostly stayed in Vrnjacka Banja, Zlatibor, Sokobanja, Belgrade, Kopaonik and Tara.