Welcome to Novi Sad – Europian Capital of Culture for 2021!

Novi Sad – the Europian Cultural Capital for 2021

European Capital of Culture was established in order to highlight the richness and diversity of European culture, strengthen cultural ties among Europeans, connect people from different European countries, meet other cultures, promote mutual understanding and strengthen the sense of Europeanness.

Novi Sad is the host city of numerous and diverse cultural, economic, sports, ethnographic, tourist and entertainment events, so it is not odd it was entitled to this prestige title.

Indeed, even during the Habsburg administration, Novi Sad was the center of Serbian culture, politics and social life, which is why it was nicknamed “Serbian Athens”. Even today, it is not only the largest cultural center of Vojvodina but also one of the most important cultural centers of Serbia. That’s why you should visit the city and feel its unlimited spirit yourself.

During 2021.  many cultural events will take place in Novi Sad, starting with the official opening, which is scheduled for 13.  January, when the Serbian New Year is celebrating in Serbia.

Of course, we suggest tourists to visit the city during the time of many other traditional events such as Interfest Wine Festival, Sterijino Pozorje, Flavors of Vojvodina, Exit festival, FEST International Film Festival, Vojvodina Fest, International Agricultural Fair, Museum Night, Zmaj Children’s Games, Tamburica fest, street music festival and more.

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